About my book

The end of most rheumatic diseases, from rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritic disorders to generalized osteoarthritis, is at hand!

And actually, so is the end of numerous other immunological diseases that are beyond the scope of my professional practice.

The pathological mechanisms behind these disorders are similar, if not identical, and they are treated with the same medications. There is no reason for patients to be held hostage to the old healthcare system, which aims to sustain the disease until they die.

This is not a mistake. Today’s healthcare systems are aimed at chronic diseases that are being sustained for as long as possible since their long-term “treatment” warrants high profits. No one is interested in providing a cure for rheumatic conditions, or many other common diseases.

As we all know, there is no end to the “treatment” of rheumatic diseases, arterial hypertension, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and many other conditions, including most mental disorders. This elegantly profitable operation of the healthcare system is only brought to an end when the patient dies.

In this book, I will try to share my experience with you, as well as my methods of curing patients with arthritis, other rheumatic diseases and generalized osteoarthritis. I hope to see all patients, their families, and healthcare professionals take up the fight against these disorders armed with the new, cheap and much more effective methods.

Numerous misconceptions and prejudices, which were hitherto revered as dogmas, unquestionable truths and official guidelines, will become history.

I hope that we will see it happen despite the fierce opposition of Big Pharma and the everyday efforts of hundreds of thousands of medical representatives who are striving to increase their sales.

The victory will belong to the millions of patients who have suffered and spent enormous amounts of money on so-called “treatments” which have been unable to cure their complaints over the course of many years. Most medications that are used in rheumatology today are offered in order to alleviate the symptoms, rather than to offer a cure for the disease.


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Best wishes,
J. Niebrzydowski

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